5 Steps To Achieve Hassle-Free Packing Experience!

You have a transferrable job and this time you got to move from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad with the packers and movers in Visakhapatnam. Like every time, this time too, you are not willing to hire professionals because the packers and movers in Visakhapatnam you booked last time for your move did not stand up to your expectations and you encountered heavy loss. All you received at your doorstep were broken boxes and damaged goods, and upon interrogating, the crew was not even available with an answer!
We can very well imagine how painful your previous moving experience/experiences have been that is compelling you to drop the idea of recruiting movers. But, we would say, if you follow the right way to research movers online and go with the ideal team of movers after running a detailed assessment of the available deals, you shall make a decent choice and your household relocation would fairly be a memorable event – and an experience that you will cherish forever!

But along with that, you have to think practically about certain aspects – like the budget you will allocate for your moving assignment, the sum of money you will set aside for the moving insurance for your move, etc. Then comes the outline you will have to etch out for the entire relocation so that the journey works out just how you are willing to make it, and so on. In short, there are tons of things for you to think of and much less time. But no worries, because if you are taking care of the ideal packing protocol for your valuable belongings, what else is there to bother? Right? So, just appoint a pro team of movers and leave the rest to them. You simply run through the crucial packing facets we discussed below and enjoy a safe and secure move!

1. Take your time to categorize items

Sorting household belongings before the move is not always directed towards the purpose of de-cluttering. No, it is never like that. People sort belongings to categorize them for packing purposes. This is quite obvious, right? You cannot pack a book with a toy; neither can a stationery item be packed with toiletry, etc. While most of us understand that there is a basic, big difference between these objects (which is their nature and sensitivity), we do not offer them the kind of packing they should be getting for their move. So, we must first group similar items – all the beddings together, all the electronics together, and then the fragile goods in one place and so on. This is what the ideal way of packing things looks like and this is indeed how it should be done.

2. Things to consider when packing boxes

Have you ever packed moving cartons before? How do you pack boxes? Do you follow the exact process that the online moving guides advise you to do or do you add some of your hacks and strategies to get the job done? Well, no matter how you do it, we can bet you are not completely right. Here are some tips that would help you to pack the moving cartons ideally. First – ensure the boxes you chose are perfect for the belonging to be packed. Second, see if the carton is of good quality and would easily carry the weight of your item if you pack it in with needful cushioning. Third, you should always add some cushioning along the interior sides of the box using bubble wrap or packing paper so there is a decent wall of cushioning within the box and your goods remain protected. Finally, you should never fill the moving boxes up to the brim. You need to cushion the item from the top as well.

3. About the ultimate packing protocol

The internet brings to us thousands of moving guides and thousands of moving checklists and it is on us to decide how we want to go with the tips shared. But you would agree when we say that majority of these moving checklists, moving planners, relocation guidebooks, etc. emphasize only one thing and that is ‘there has to be top quality packing offered to the belongings using top quality packing materials and that, ‘every article should be cushioned amply’ so that all the transit jerks, jolts, and shocks get absorbed and the goods remain intact. So, you should simply focus on the buffering aspect of your goods and explore all how you can safeguard your belongings using not just the packing materials from the market but from your household too.

4. Labeling of the cartons should be done well

Although considered to be one of the final steps of the packing process it is one very important aspect to figure out when preparing goods. You must not send off your packages with the moving crew if they are not labeled. Insist the movers if somehow they did not remind you to label the packages and neither did they do it on their own. You can create personalized name labels that mention the contents of the box, the destination room it should be moved to, and the handling instructions one should follow while navigating the package. Do not make the name label too clumsy; write the specifics in clean, bold font so that everything is visible to the movers without a fuss. Use waterproof labels so the texts do not wash off in the rains or while getting in touch with water or moisture.

5. About the associated packing costs

Relocations are indeed expensive and the packing expenses are the highest ones, but if you compare and contrast the available moving options thoroughly and negotiate with the movers for a better rate, you can certainly move homes within budget. There are moving deals available for people with different budgets and all it requires is extensive research of the terms and clauses of the moving companies, nothing else. So, before you say no to hiring professional movers and packers in Visakhapatnam, and fret about your forthcoming relocation, just breathe easy and go through the valuable pieces of information we shared above, we bet you will thank us later!

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